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It’s coming alive! I hit a speed bump, a big one actually…I decided to use green-stuff for the cobblestone fireplace/chimney and it’s taking forever to shape each stone, texture it, and attach. I’ll finish that so it looks equal but i’ll have to think of an alternative method for larger areas later. I wanted to add a first story to the inn, sort of a base made of stone as well. I might look into those plastic sheets with pre-stamped stones on them. Also, I wanted to add cobblestone pathways in the village.

Anyways, the inn is coming along ok, Ill add a bar inside for where the innkeeper would have been, perhaps with some shields hanging on the walls. A couple of half-haning doors in some of the rooms, some planks and ladders too, for sure. Oh, a sign for the Crooked Moon as well…no ideas yet for what this will look like. Thanks for looking.

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