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Well,  Eric came over for an instruction in Space Hulk and handed me a can of whup-ass! We played the first mission in Games Workshop’s Space Hulk, Suicide Mission. The Space Marine player has one squad of 5 Blood Angels (Sergeant armed with a storm bolter and power sword, one Space Marine armed with a heavy flamer and power fist, and three Space Marines armed with a storm bolters and power fists. The Blood Angels win by firing the flamer at  any square in the Launch Control Room, in order to prevent any genestealers escaping via escape pods. In the pic above, Brother Ramirez makes a solo run towards the Control Room with some Genestealers fresh on his tail, no time to turn around and to confront his predators, he steadfastly keeps to his mission and scorches the Control Room with Promethium and achieves his goal! Did Brother Ramirez  manage to escape upon victory? (Click the pics for larger)

Check back soon for EXTERMINATE (Mission II)!


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