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These Minis Are…Wyrd


Here’s my finished Executioner from my Guild gang by Wyrd Miniatures. As you can figure he’s pretty nasty in hand to hand combat…I’m still debating as to whether or not to hang a skeleton from the tree on his base…or some chains? I wish I could paint non-metallics better for his claws like some of you finer artists online…but I am pleased overall.

Here’s my Master, Lady Justice and a Deathmarshal. (CLICK PHOTOS FOR LARGER)

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If you havn’t played Malifaux yet, you need to this weekend! It’s cheap, fast paced, boasts original mechanics, rich in fluff and themes, and the minis are absolutely gorgeous! The different “crews”  come from a plethora of pop culture genres, including Wild West, Steam-Punk, Victorian, Feudal Japan, etc…Also, the gameplay incorporates magic, ranged shooting, melee attacks, and everything else. I simply can’t say enough about this “new” game. You must check them out here for yourself and give them a roll!

Shown above is Perdita, one of several “Masters” of the “Guild” (the western themed crew). Please click the photo for a better look, at her eyes!

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