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The Law… Cal Sampson, Sheriff Seth Bullock, Dep. Big Dan, Dep. Clint)

Vigilantes, Butch,  Sam Dawson, Dep. Arkansas Dave, and Mike Tadd

LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST: High Noon: There are strangers in town, and they mean business! Here, one Posse has entered the territory of another with the intention of running them out of town. The Posses square off at high noon in a fight to the death.

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Click this link here to view our Old West town…we havn’t named it yet, any suggestions? We are recruiting new gangs to town! All you need is a posse (7-10, 28mm western miniatures) and the Legends of the Old West Rulebook by Warhammer Ancients. We have played about a dozen games so far and this game is a blast! Lots of shit talking and high-fiving! Have the grit?

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