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Blood Bowl Painting Champion

Congratulations to Sigur (Austria) for his winning “Cheerleader”. He will receive the Gorgon Studios Exclusive Human Blitzer shown before. Hopefully he will paint it up and share his pics! Thanks to our guests judges and our participants, this was fun. Stay tuned for future themed contests.

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“Bloodweiser Babe”

“Nobbla Blackwart”




Well, after a bloody and grueling try-out, these few have made the final cut. I’m extremely pleased with the results and this little blog has been really fun for me these short few weeks, I hope it stays:) Judging someone’s painting expression is a very sticky situation, as we all know art is so subjective, I can ask 5 different people to look at a cloud and tell me what they see and get 5 different answers.  But, I find beauty, creativity, and talent in all of the entries above. I wish I had more funds to award all finalists.  To help me fairly judge the entries, I have asked the help of fellow Garage Gamers Pat Lowinger and Mike Garner of So Cal Warhammer Radio to pick the final winner of our first painting contest. Thank you for participating and please leave mature and constructive comments:)


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Well, I had bought 2 of the GORGON STUDIOS Blood Bowl exclusive minis, one is already painted and shown below. The second is still sealed and needs to be drafted to a new team, hopefully yours! So here’s the deal. Today is November 8, 2010 at the Garage. I want YOU to paint a single Blood Bowl Themed miniature and email me the pics, a before pic (unpainted) and an after pic (ready for the pitch)! It can be any company, I just ask that its yours and something that you paint for this contest, thus the before and after pic. The pic must be sent to GarageGamer@hotmail.com by Saturday November 20 PST. I will then pick the finalist and post those pics shortly after. Each person may submit a maximum of 2 entries. The winner will be announced on Thursday November 25, Thanksgiving here at the Garage! The winner will receive the unpainted mini shown above. Look below to see what mine looks like painted and read the blog for a details. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your Blood Bowl Players!

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