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Ian and I played the first scenario, Brother Against Brother, of Horus Heresy the board game by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a GREAT game! A serious must own for fans of 4oK and/or Fantasy Flight Games. I admit I was skeptical at first, it has a lot of red flags at first thought, it’s very expensive, it’s only 2 player, and the rules book is a beast. But the art of the cards and board are absolutely amazing, the playing pieces are well detailed, and the game is…well, very fun and simple!\

Well, I was the Imperial Army (the gray tanks and gray titan above) and I thought I had the traitors surrounded and beaten above until he played an order card which lead to events that forced my two tank divisions to corrupt to the temptations of chaos:( Thus, their bases were swapped to black bases and were then controlled by Ian and used against me:( Shown below.

He later dropped these forces of Slaanesh from his ship, The Vengeful Spirit, from orbit, a titan, daemon host, some troops, and  unit of chaos space marines, ouch! I had the opportunity to blast them with my fortified defense laser shown above and missed every single unit! Crap-are you kidding me?!:)

Well, after some poor risk management, Horus and the traitors achived victory on Terra by securing all 4 spaceports uncontested (the four white circles) which would eventually squeeze the Emperor in the center palace. Great great game…go play this immediately.

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