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#34/ Blitzer/ Vicksburg Vikings: name to be announced ??? Maybe you guys can help me with a suitable name!

To debut his rookie season 2011, BLOOD BOWL!!! (If you click the images for a close-up, the pads look way too glossy, however in person and at gaming distance they look appropriate, similar to the sheen seen on NFL helmets. Not the greastes paint job but that’s my limit and I’m satisfied:)

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Bo Knows Blood Bowl?!

Adepticon was selling these Blood Bowl minis last year at their con, sculpted by Gorgon Studios. I bought it online because I thought he looked like a bad ass running back! When I received the model and inspected it closely I noticed the number 34 on his shoulder pad, wasn’t Bo Jackson #34? There you go, Bo does Blood Bowl. This will be the first of my human Blood Bowl team, the Vicksburg Vikings. Check back soon for the final product! (Click on photos for larger pics)

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