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Southern California Warhammer Radio is proud to announce its first WAB 2.0 Tournament which will be held on November 13th, 2010, beginning at 12:30pm, at the Los Angeles Battle Bunker in Westminster California. The tournament is free and there will be prize support provided by sponsors of the podcast. The general guidelines are as follows:
1. 2000 point army lists.
2. All current WAB 2.0 errata and FAQs will be in effect.
3. Only official armies will be allowed from current WAB supplements.
4. No Armies of Antiquity lists other than Samurai may be used.
5. All armies must be WYSIWYG.
6. The tournament will be 3 rounds. Pairings for the first round will be based on time-period. Second round pairings will be based on time period and ranking. Final round pairings will be based on over-all score. There will be several categories of prizes.
7. Limit of 30 players.
8. All army lists must turned in by Sunday November 8th at podcast@socalwarhammer.net in PDF or Microsoft WORD format.
9. Walk-Ins and observers are graciously welcomed!


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