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I decided on the Crooked Moon as the Inn’s name, thank you to it’s author VINCE. Well, I hope this works, not much now, but you get the idea…I plan to add a fireplace and chimney (stone) and bunch of ladders and planks to connect the various floors and such. Maybe even a dilapidated bar and some broken bottles and barrels…anyone know where I can buy some mini bottles and barrels online?

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Ian and I played the first scenario, Brother Against Brother, of Horus Heresy the board game by Fantasy Flight Games. This is a GREAT game! A serious must own for fans of 4oK and/or Fantasy Flight Games. I admit I was skeptical at first, it has a lot of red flags at first thought, it’s very expensive, it’s only 2 player, and the rules book is a beast. But the art of the cards and board are absolutely amazing, the playing pieces are well detailed, and the game is…well, very fun and simple!\

Well, I was the Imperial Army (the gray tanks and gray titan above) and I thought I had the traitors surrounded and beaten above until he played an order card which lead to events that forced my two tank divisions to corrupt to the temptations of chaos:( Thus, their bases were swapped to black bases and were then controlled by Ian and used against me:( Shown below.

He later dropped these forces of Slaanesh from his ship, The Vengeful Spirit, from orbit, a titan, daemon host, some troops, and  unit of chaos space marines, ouch! I had the opportunity to blast them with my fortified defense laser shown above and missed every single unit! Crap-are you kidding me?!:)

Well, after some poor risk management, Horus and the traitors achived victory on Terra by securing all 4 spaceports uncontested (the four white circles) which would eventually squeeze the Emperor in the center palace. Great great game…go play this immediately.

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Updated: Mordheim Inn

Well, since the last blog on the inn I have added a “second” floor or loft which will have a ladder since the comets shrapnel probably destroyed the stairwell…I added some hard wood flooring, wall paper, a window, a tile roof and exterior stucco. This is merely one room of the inn, I still plan to do the main center building and another 2 adjoining wings. Probably stone walls underneath and a stone fireplace and chimney as well.

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Blood Bowl Painting Champion

Congratulations to Sigur (Austria) for his winning “Cheerleader”. He will receive the Gorgon Studios Exclusive Human Blitzer shown before. Hopefully he will paint it up and share his pics! Thanks to our guests judges and our participants, this was fun. Stay tuned for future themed contests.

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“Bloodweiser Babe”

“Nobbla Blackwart”




Well, after a bloody and grueling try-out, these few have made the final cut. I’m extremely pleased with the results and this little blog has been really fun for me these short few weeks, I hope it stays:) Judging someone’s painting expression is a very sticky situation, as we all know art is so subjective, I can ask 5 different people to look at a cloud and tell me what they see and get 5 different answers.  But, I find beauty, creativity, and talent in all of the entries above. I wish I had more funds to award all finalists.  To help me fairly judge the entries, I have asked the help of fellow Garage Gamers Pat Lowinger and Mike Garner of So Cal Warhammer Radio to pick the final winner of our first painting contest. Thank you for participating and please leave mature and constructive comments:)


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These Minis Are…Wyrd


Here’s my finished Executioner from my Guild gang by Wyrd Miniatures. As you can figure he’s pretty nasty in hand to hand combat…I’m still debating as to whether or not to hang a skeleton from the tree on his base…or some chains? I wish I could paint non-metallics better for his claws like some of you finer artists online…but I am pleased overall.

Here’s my Master, Lady Justice and a Deathmarshal. (CLICK PHOTOS FOR LARGER)

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A Vacant Inn…in Mordheim

Well, I’ve decided to cut my losses early and scrap the paper-card Mordheim terrain…if you care to hear why throw a comment. I started today on my Inn with the some foam board, coffee sticks, balsa wood, and cardboard for the first wing of the , um, Inn. Hmmm, what shall I name it? The Prancing Pony has already been taken…the Drunken Dwarf? Or is that insensitve? Didn’t the party in the Dragonlance novels frequent a particular Inn? I forget…Well, hopefully you guys can come up with a clever name, perhaps our next contest? Stay tuned as I post updated pics of the “Inn”.

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